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It didn’t hit me at first. It took me six months to realize that the inevitable competition of school had left and I Felt empty.
What was I to do?
Get A job! I know stop, telling me, but what else what is life?
I need a mate, a soul mate, but no one wants to talk about anything. They only want to press their bodies together, feel another’s soul for a fleeting second and leave without coffee.
So what should my goals be? Love, yes, absolutely. Not caring who cares who I care for, but other than that what?
A job but who cares, I don’t, I can’t because there are none, shit am I an adult? No people to hold me when I die, but why does it matter for when I’m on that hospital bed I’ll be alone, with myself, and forever I need to be ready.
Tell me!
What’s important? Wealth, no it doesn’t stay.
Love? They could leave before me, so I guess me is what’s important.
Help, help, help.
Ok, I’m back. I’m fine. I’m smoking, sorry did it blow in your face?
Sorry, but we’re in America, our land is cancer.
So I’m a tumor traveling here and there, everywhere, but I know nothing and no one.
A stranger in a familiar land
Does any one else feel like this nothing nothing nothing EVERYTHING
Help me!