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I’ve come to the conclusion that living in suburbia is “the American Dream,” for it is one of the greatest myths that capitalism has created. It’s the goal, the white picket fence, a dog, probably a Labrador, and a doting wife who understands that your career is more important than hers, even though she’s just as educated than you. Well who can blame you ,that’s what the corporations that rule our country think as well.

So why is this a myth you ask? Because it creates a culture of isolation and need. You rule you self-worth by how you look to your neighbor because they ultimately have a say about whether you can grow roses or tulips in your garden. Focusing on such trivial fights, blocks and shields us from the actual issues happening in our country. And lets face it, ok maybe I need to face it, everyone I know comes from a white, middle class upbringing where these fights were paramount.

Why does it matter? It isolates everyone affected by the sickening effect of unregulated capitalism that has taken over this country. We’re drowning, choking, I CAN”T BREATHE in this economic political environment. I’m far to educated to accept what is happening, but not enough to actually get a job that’ll influence the current culture.

So what can I do? It feels like nothing. I get it. So what should our demands be? For starters, corporations shouldn’t be considered people because the actual people who populate this country get fucked over. And we need to stop seeing the world in technicolor, in other words who cares what the pigment of one’s skin is we’re all people.

And I know I’m a privileged, white, girl writing this and honestly I probably don’t even have a right to comment on what’s going on in the wake of Ferguson and Eric Garner, but I feel connected to this. Occupy Wall Street failed years ago because there was no focus for our anger. What’s happening is a human rights issue. Yes, it involves black men and I understand my experience in life is sheltered and cushioned compared to most ,but the idea of dehumanization I think can ring true through all races and economic statuses.
We’ve been fooled into thinking that the “American dream” can be ours if we are simply compliant to what the privilege want. Guess what! There’s been a war on all of us since the 1980’s. It’s time to stand up and stop it. The masses have a voice. It’s our time. Let’s be heard!