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I just finished reading an article about the supposed Exxon Mobil Corporation settlement with New Jersey. I’m not sure if this was a case that many were following, but once I read about it I was appalled. Also, I’ll admit publicly that I work for Exxon. Yes I know, working for a metaphorical devil here, but God I’ve been trying to get a job for over three months, and I’m sorry to say that I’m going to take a pay check over morals these days. I think a lot of people are in the same position, because what large corporation that provides jobs in our country, is without any human rights fault, ok other than possibly Ben and Jerry’s.

Anyway, apparently this case has been pending for over ten years and now this week they’ve finally come to a settlement. Yes, usually that could be a good thing. Not costing the tax payers’ anymore money, in a case that could possibly be appealed for years on end. But here’s the catch, after the amount of fifty million dollars (yes I know that seems like a lot but its not,) the money won in a settlement by the state no longer has to be used to pay for environmental issues or any issues pertaining to the lawsuit, instead it can be used to pay off the debt of the state. Which leads me to my next point, did New Jersey settle, just so that it could get the state back onto wobbly financial ground, instead of following the lawsuit through and suing a company that destroyed “1,500 acres of wetlands, marshes, meadows and waters in northern New Jersey…”

That is just one example, but I feel like this entire country’s government is at the beck and call of corporate interests because these companies carry the power of money to help bail our country out of the enormous debt and destitution that it finds itself in, thus completely destroying what this country was meant to be. God, if Andrew Jackson knew what was happening, yes I know he did some terrible things, he would be turning in his grave. He was a maverick in his time and he did do terrible, actually horrendous things to the Native Americans, namely stealing their land and causing a small-scale genocide, but he did have one thing right. He believed that the USA, should only be controlled by the hands of the common man, and during his presidency he dismantled a completely capitalistic organization, namely the First Bank of United States. He got that right at least.

The situation we are in right now, is that we are so taxed and tired from just trying to make ends meat after the financial collapse in 2008, that we no longer have the time to scrutinize and hold accountable the corporations that are truly ruling and destroying our country.

I read one more article this past week and it was about the repercussions of the Citizens United Case on the upcoming 2016 election. Not so much the Democrats, but this is probably because they’ve had to only worry about the election of Barack Obama over the past two elections, but the Republican hopeful candidates have already been making the rounds to different conventions held by the leaders of all major corporate companies in America to solicit campaign funds in preparation for election season.

So I beg to ask the question, is 2016 really an election? Looking at what just happened in response to the Exxon case, is the USA even a democracy anymore or is it just masquerading as one?

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