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I never knew why people liked to kiss. I never knew until she kissed me.

“My hearts beating”

“I shouldn’t have told you.”

“You had too,”

“ I know,”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch, away from her passed out boyfriend and into her closet, which was lit by the Christmas lights that were tacked across its ceiling. The red and green lights bathed over me as I sat down in her clothes that were strewn all over the floor and a mixture of Old Spice and lavender met me. She never let go of my hand as she sat down across from me. My other hand grazed across her small arm as I leaned in and kissed her again. The dark room I had been living in all of my life, suddenly had the lights turned on. Her hand traced my palm and found its way to my breast.



Her lips wouldn’t leave mine and how I hoped they never would.

            “Take your shirt off,”

She let go of me and raised her arms as I pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it into the sea of clothes. I pulled her on top of me and closed my eyes, losing myself inside her and the moment. Her hands tugged at my shirt and instantly it disappeared as well. I felt like I was fifteen again, not knowing what I was doing, simply following instinct. My fingers explored her body, it felt familiar. Her hands found their way to my pants, but she stopped.

“Can I?”


Another wave broke down my barriers as she slipped her hand down and disappeared inside of me.

“Oh god,”

“Quiet, he can’t wake up,”

I kissed her, she kissed me, and soon the sun rose. She slipped into bed next to him and I fell onto the couch, alone with just the memory of what had been.